Habitat for Humanity Manitoba Ltd.

Before becoming a REALTOR ®, Amber van den Broek worked at the Winnipeg chapter of Habitat for Humanity®.  She was fortunate enough to see the real impact this organization makes in the lives of families.  Home ownership allows communities to flourish, and families to thrive.  Having a sense of "home" makes a difference to families lives in many aspects, and Habitat for Humanity® helps families realize their goal of owning their own home!!

If you've ever heard of a key ceremony, it's the most heart warming moment.  After months/years of hard work, saving, building, sweat and tears, the families are given a ceremony where they receive the keys to their very own, new home!  It's a joyful moment to see the happiness and gratitude that comes from realizing a goal.

Amber feels very fortunate to be able to continue to support this great organization through her real estate business.


Amber van den Broek is also part of the Habitat 500 Club.


Amber van den Broek
Amber van den Broek
520 Academy Rd Winnipeg MB R3N 2A8