image by Sophie Coonen

Summer is a very competitive season for selling your home! The longer, sunnier days make people want to go house shopping, so it is important that your home really stands out against all the competition. Here are 5 tips to make your house catch the eye of potential buyers!

1.     The exterior of your home will be the potential buyer’s first impression. So many people focus on the inside of the home and neglect the outside. Make sure that your grass is healthy and green, and that all shrubs, flowers, and any other kind of greenery are maintained! You don’t want anything to look dead.

2.     Speaking of greenery, there is nothing wrong with having it inside and out! Nothing is more welcoming than a home decorated with an array of plants and flowers. Take advantage of the full bloom flowers, and fill your home with colour!

3.     Clutter is a deterrent. When cleaning up your home, make sure that all personal items are put into storage bins or cabinets. Some notable items that are easily forgotten are kitchen appliances (blenders, coffee makers, etc), refrigerator magnets, and toothbrushes! A clean look is desirable. 

4.     The sun is one of the highlights of summer! When selling your home, use the sun to highlight your house. Clean the windows, and make sure all blinds/curtains are open to allow for as much natural light as possible!

5.     The last tip I have for you today is control your home’s temperature! The summer is HOT!! You do not want people walking through your home and sweating. Make sure windows are open or A/C is on for the hot days. 

Amber van den Broek
Amber van den Broek
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