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Creating Holiday Traditions, One Room at a Time


Creating Holiday Traditions, One Room at a Time

I have always felt we're very lucky to live in a climate where we get a FULL 4 seasons. There truly is a magical feel to a world covered in freshly fallen snow, especially around the holdiays. There’s certainly no place like a cozy home to appreciate these times as well. 

Whether you are a new home/condo owner, or are celebrating another holiday season in your well-loved home, your living spaces can be integral in making memories with family and friends. Time to put some holiday music on, gather up the kids and start creating these holiday traditions now, one room at a time.

With so much delicious food to make and bake during the holiday season, your kitchen is an easy place to begin creating holiday traditions. Baking Cookies, frying latkes or building gingerbread houses (complete with a RE/MAX sign!) are activities in which the whole family can participate. You can go one step further and take your cooking skills to a local soup kitchen to support your community during this season of giving. I am always guilty for buying a gingerbread house and never accomplishing building it... this year, mark my words, we will build it with egg nog and jingle bells on in the background.


As Anika gets older she LOVES to participate in the kitchen, it makes her feel important and useful I believe. So she gets to sit on the counter and helps mom whisk the eggs, and mix whatever it is that needs mixing. We'll have to see how much candy makes it to that gingerbread house this season ;)

Living Room
Often the center of the home, your living room-is where the hustle and bustle of the holidays melts away. Kick back with a holiday movie (our family always watched A Christmas Story growing up) start a fire and decorate the Christmas tree as a family in matching holiday sweaters, no less! Light the menorah or host a New Year's Eve party. The holidays can be stressful-use your home as a sanctuary to focus and reflect on what this time of year means to you.


My Mom and Dad have had a tradition of hosting an open house just around Christmas, complete with 6 Christmas trees and a month of baking leading up to it. Although you don't have to throw a party for 70 of your closest friends, I will tell you that I STILL look forward to it every year still heading into my 37th annual open house with Mom. You can ask all my friends too ... it's the talk of the holidays (and her chicken recipe goes along with that too).


When you think of holiday traditions outside, colorful lights and an inflatable Santa come to mind. But don’t dismiss other low-stress outdoor activities like sparklers in the snow, sky lanterns or caroling. Winnipeg has some great outdoor holiday festivities including the river trail at the Forks (or just skating at the rink there), Winter Wonderland (where you can enjoy all the holiday lights from your car), or why not put on your snow gear and head to a tree farm to pick and cut down your own tree??? We have done this as a family and it's SUCH a wonderful outing. Don't forget the hot cocoa! For some MB Tree sites check here: http://www.pickyourownchristmastree.org/CNxmasmb.php


Amber van den Broek
Amber van den Broek